Reformer Pilates Instructor


  • BA (Hons) Dance Education
  • Mat Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates and Advanced Technique
  • Reformer Small Props
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates Mat Pilates


  • Ability to adapt a class so every client feels like the workout is designed uniquely for them.


Hailing from Scotland, Emily discovered Pilates through her dance training background. She was quickly hooked on this athletic workout that allows the opportunity to correct form and alignment. Emily holds a BA (Hons) and is trained in Mat, Reformer, and Pre/Post Natal Pilates. Those who have been to her classes know that she thrives in her fast-paced flow, with killer playlists and well thought-out cueing.

Her teaching philosophy is to help clients succeed: for them to enjoy their workout and be empowered by what their body can do.

Emily holds over 11 years industry experience and is confident her infectious energy can get anyone addicted to the workout too. As a new mum her hobbies include changing nappies and blending purées! She’s also a sucker for live music and will always be happy with a margarita in hand! 🙂