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With unlimited access to our gym floor classes, reformer pilates studio, and world class facilities,you won’t find a 2 week trial more value packed.
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As Value Packed
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With our 2 Week Trial, you’ll not only gain access to unlimited reformer pilates but unlimited gym classes, discounted allied health and recovery services as well.

We think that’s pretty great value considering this is the average price for a 1 week trail at most pilates studios (with no gym included!)

You’ll Gain Access To

Friendly, Qualified Instructors

With every reformer class led by one of our experienced and welcoming instructors, you’ll feel the burn in every session.

Only The Best Equipment

We use only the best equipment, with every one of our 12 beds an Allegro Reformer Pilates Bed.

A Class For All Fitness Levels

With access to a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes on offer, there’s something for all fitness levels and abilities.

Unlimited Gym Access

Not only do you gain unlimited access to our pilates studio, but our complete gym floor timetable as well. Unlimited pilates and gym in the one trial? Now that’s value.

993+ 5 Stars Reviews

I have never felt more welcomed or included in a gym environment in my entire life.
The facilities are incredible, the trainers are experienced, motivating and genuinely care about you.
It’s the most amazing place to train with a strong family feel, there is nothing boring about this gym. The workouts are always challenging, music is always great and it’s just all-round good vibes. From newbies to fitness freaks, everyone is treated equal which is something I really appreciate.
I have only been at TCG for 6 months, but I can honestly say that it’s put me in the best mental and physical state that I have ever been in.

Marissa Flyod
Member Since 2022

Can’t speak higher enough of Lewis and the team and Cube Allied Health. Lewis has helped me for months with on going rehabilitation training and guidance through a long term shoulder injury. Lewis is professional and genuinely cares about his clients and is an all round good bloke who is highly skilled in his trade. Highly recommend!!

Tom Hayfield
Exercise Physiology

The Cube Gym would have to be one of, if not the best, gym we have ever trained in. The huge open space, access, synthetic grass, equipment and the gym layout allowed the entire AB’s to train as a team in one place. Unreal gym, we hope to be back there on our next tour

Nic Gill
New Zealand All Blacks Strength and Conditioning Coach

I have been a member of the Cube Gym since early 2021 when I moved to Sydney from Canberra. I’ve moved around Australia and lived in many of it’s cities- I’ve joined a lot of gyms. The Cube Gym is hands down the best gym I have ever been a member of.

The friendly atmosphere in the gym combined with the extensive knowledge and experience of the trainers is what makes this gym work. Every class is different, you’ll never get bored.

Of course they have all the necessary equipment that one could possibly need for all kinds of sports training, be it strength or conditioning or mobility and balance. The Cube’s Classes could be the ingredient you’re needing to up your game. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – you are in good hands. The foundation classes are fantastic and will get you using the equipment correctly and give you confidence on the floor.

I will be very sad to lose his gym when I move from the northern Beaches. I will never find another gym like The Cube.

Kirsten Kerrisk
Member since 2021

I joined the Cube Gym three years ago and never looked back! Not only is there a great mix of classes from Conditioning, Strength and Pilates, but it’s the community that sets the Cube apart—I’ve made lifelong friends here, and there’s no better way to start the morning! It’s an environment where you can challenge yourself (my personal favourite is team classes) but no matter what session you do it always end with a hi-5, a laugh, or an ice bath sauna to recover and do it all again the following week.

Kate Parris
Member since 2020

I feel like I could write at least a page on what sets the Cube apart but I’ll try my best to keep it website worthy!

The cube gym is the most inclusive gym I have ever been a part of. Lewis, the trainers and the other members will make you feel welcome straight away, regardless of age or ability. The variety in the programs always keeps me excited to walk through the door. I have been a member for over three years and can’t imagine leaving anytime soon! I can not recommend The Cube highly enough.

Pete Boyd
Member since 2019

Having come from a national branded gym, I had been looking for a community based gym that would help reignite my health and fitness goals. The cube did just that. The staff and members are very welcoming and motivating. Offering class based sessions, the cube gives you the guidance of a personal trainer in a group setting. Each trainer has their unique qualities and provide every member with the individual focus needed to perform.

The cube has made going to the gym fun again. The sessions are tough, yet they cater to all abilities, offering beginner through to the hardcore. The equipment is quality and a plenty, there is no such thing as ‘working in’ or waiting for a machine. There is a strong focus on cleanliness and tidiness at the gym, which is further encouraged by its members.

Offering a fun, supportive and friendly atmosphere, the cube gym has it all. I’d recommend anyone thinking about it, to give it a try and I’d be sure you won’t look back.

Rob Martin
Member Since 2020

The wide range of classes and the expert knowledge from the friendly trainers make every workout an enjoyable experience.

Paul Garnham
Member Since 2019

Everyday I see the passion and drive to make the cube gym what it is today – a place for community, wellbeing and growth and it shows through the commitment to the members everyday.
I know everyone who steps foot in the Cube gym feels the warmth that comes from the trainers and members and they want to be apart of the community.
Everyone comes to the gym for a different reason, with different goals and motivation to be there but you will always leave your Cube session and your body and mind are in a better place – That is important and that is why I have come back every week for 8 years.

Claudia Attanasio
Member Since 2014

Is it hard to get out of bed and head to the gym – of course – but when I start to work out whether its Pilates or the Foundation gym class, I am glad I made the effort!
As a mature exerciser it can be daunting but what makes this gym different is all the people that care that you are active and enjoy your company and that I am having a go. And that’s not only the owners and trainers but those in the class with me.
So, if you think this gym is just for young, fit beautiful people you would be very much mistaken. Sure, the place is full of them, but the greater majority treat you as an equal and always have a smile and a hello.
One of the best things in the gym is the way the trainers keep an eye on what is going on around them and if you are doing something incorrectly, they will step in and set you right, even if they are doing a private PT session.
During the last two years when lock down occurred the Cube gym was very proactive in purchasing tonnes of kettle bells and lending them to the members to use at home and then putting together over 130 on-line 45-minute home gym sessions which were not only helpful at maintaining fitness but so much fun if you enjoy dad jokes and building a library of unimportant facts. When lock-down eased they started training in the park and then outdoors at the gym including spaces for personal use.
How do I stay motivated – the gym has available a personal fitness tracker – Myzone – which records your achievements each session with relevant information on heart rate, calories and intensity. To get to the next level you must maintain a minimum of 1300 Myzone Effort Points (MEPS) per month and usually for a 12-month period. I just moved from Gold to Platinum and as I reached that milestone I was thinking that’s an achievement so I will be happy with that and now just cruise….first month in I am now committed to the Diamond level in eleven months’ time.
The combination of the Myzone and the wonderful people running and using the gym is more than enough motivation to keep coming back and they very kindly listen to my gripes about how hard it is as they hand me a heavier weight to push me to the next level.
So, if you think a gym is not for you I can assure this gym is not like others and welcome all commers no matter your fitness level, skill level or experience. A couple of years ago they won the Northern Beaches Council Inclusivity award for the work they do with those less able than most of us and that makes me proud that the people that train me do put back into the community and are recognised by the community leaders.

Simon Moriarty
Member since 2019

The cube gym is a world class facility with world class trainers. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel most of the world training out of various gyms and nothing compares to The Cube Gym.

Matty Abel
Member Since 2015

At the moment I am really loving the new Pilates studio at The Cube. Every instructor brings a different flow and teaching style to the class so it’s very dynamic. I always get a good full body burn and it’s been great to target some muscles that I haven’t been able to specifically target with other training. After 6 years at The Cube, including periods where I have had various injuries, they have always been really supportive and adaptive in classes. It’s the best community!

Maddie Lowe

Meet Your Reformer Pilates Instructors

Reformer Pilates FAQ

All you need to do is click here and register with our gym management tool MindBody Online. Register your details, enter your payment and you are good to go.

Your trial begins when you attend your first class. So you can register now and start when you are ready. However the two week time period does not start until you do your very first session

Our trial includes access to all our reformer pilates studio, timetabled classes and foundation program for a full 2 weeks for only $65. We think this is pretty great value considering this is the average price for a 1 week trail at most pilates studios (with no gym included!) We also find that this monetary commitment helps members stay committed and valuing their sessions with us.

The best way to book into your first session is via the booking form here or via The Cube Gym Brookvale App (iPhone/Android) 

The best way to sign up is via The Cube Gym Brookvale App (iPhone/Android), you can find a step by step guide here. Alternatively, you can sign up through MindBody Online here or we can process this in the gym for you.  If you sign up to our Unlimited Membership before the end of your trial, we’ll give you one week FREE.

Yes. Reformer Pilates is included in all Unlimited Memberships. 

No. Reformer pilates is only available on our Unlimited Membership or $50 per class for non-members.

Sessions run for 50 minutes.

Yes. We have a number of beginner classes available each week. We also have intermediate and advanced classes available.

Yes. We want you to experience the full TCG experience during your trial so you’ll also gain access to our 75+ gym floor classes.

Yes. We have showers and change areas on the main gym floor.

Yourself, a gym towel, water and comfortable gym clothes.


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