Reformer Pilates Instructor

Reformer Pilates Instructor
Pilates Reformer Certification
​Barre Certification

Style of Pilates

With her dynamic but breezy teaching style, Maxi likes to unlock both the physical and mental benefits of Pilates. She’ll make you do small movements with big impact to build your deep core, strength your small stabilising muscles and tone your limbs. You’ll get a full body workout with every class, leaving you lengthened, energised and balanced.

Having grown up as a swimmer, Maxi learned early on what it meant to have tight muscles and a sore body. When she discovered Pilates for the first time, she felt her body recover and relax, but also her mind recharge. Since turning her passion into a profession, she’s been passing on the benefits Pilates to her clients. Growing up in Germany, America and The Netherlands and constantly moving, she’s realised the importance of making movement a priority to counteract a chaotic day to day life.

Today she takes a very holistic approach to wellness, finding a balance between being physically healthy while still having fun. When she’s not on the mat, the reformer or at the gym, Maxi is an Art Director at a creative agency in the city.