Relax. Recharge. 

Your recovery is just as important as your training.
Relax and recuperate with an infrared sauna session today.

Why Infrared Sauna?

Relieve Joint Pain

Infrared saunas penetrate the tissue deeper than traditional saunas. The deep heat relaxes the body, providing relief from joint pain and sore muscles.

Feel Invigorated, Not Exhausted

Infrared saunas heat the body directly, rather than just the surrounding air, so you can sweat and obtain all the health benefits without the drawbacks of a traditional sauna.

Improve Circulation

The direct warming effect of infrared saunas stimulates your cardiovascular system, immune system and lymphatic system, improving circulation throughout the body.

Naturally Detoxifies

Stimulating the sweat glands in an infrared sauna helps eliminate stored chemicals and toxins in the body.


$30 For The Cube Gym Members
  • 60 minute session 
  • Two people per session 
  • Access both infrared sauna and ice bath 
  • Bring a friend FREE 
$50 For Non-Members
  • 60 minute session
  • Two people per session
  • Access both infrared sauna and ice bath
  • Bring a friend FREE

Infrared Sauna FAQs

An infrared sauna uses light to create heat. The infrared waves penetrate deep into the body for a deep heating action, activating the sweat glands.

No, our infrared sauna facilities are available to both members and non-members. Book your session here.

$30 for members, $50 for non-members. You can also bring a friend for free!

You will need to bring two bath towels, one placed at your feet and one wrapped around your waist as well as a face towel. If you do not have a towel you cannot use the sauna. We also have towels onsite for use which will be charged our at $3 per towel.

Sessions run for 60 minutes.

Clean swimwear or loose fitting clothing.

The sauna can reach temperatures of 62C, however you can manually set the temperature to your liking. We suggest slowly working your way up to these higher temperatures over a number of visits.

No, our two infrared saunas and three ice baths are located in a shared space. If you wish to book out the whole space this is possible at a rate of $150 per hour for a max of 4 people.

Yes, there are open showers available. There are also private individual showers available on the main gym floor.

Yes, we have private change room cubicles available.

Of course. A booking includes access to both our infrared saunas and ice baths. We have a full protocol of use here.

Infrared Sauna Recovery Space

Bring a friend Free! Max 2 people per booking.

Discounted Rates! For The Cube Gym members.

Book Online Instantly.