Reformer Pilates Instructor


  • BodyMindLife-Reformer Pilates Course 2023 Barre Body
  • Mat Pilates Course 2023 CPR, 2023


It was in my very first Pilates class that my passion for the practice ignited, and 4 years later I haven’t turned back. I quickly became infatuated with the dynamic movement and burn that always left me feeling energised and well-rounded. It was in 2023 that I decided to achieve my goal of becoming an instructor, and ever since then have been dedicated to not only becoming the best instructor I can, but to uplift and enhance the overall well-being of my clients. Your personal growth is so rewarding to me! I love how Pilates is suitable and effective for everyone and every body, and that not only does it benefit the physical body through strengthening movements, but that it also connects the mind through mindful coordination and sequencing.